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Category: Fragrances

Scents to Combat Anxiety

In these stressful times, you probably are dealing with a variety of worries. Will you or your loved ones get sick? Will your business survive? Will the country head into a Great Depression? Take a deep breath. Anxiety in itself causes health issues are ironically makes you more susceptible to viruses and other pathogens. Try […]

Warm & Fresh Scents and Seasons

Have you ever wondered why we prefer warm scents like vanilla, tobacco, leather and cinnamon in the fall and winter and fresh scents like berries, marine and light florals in the spring and summer? One explanation is that some fragrances have trigeminal effects. This means that some minty scents actually stimulate a physical sensation on […]

The Big Picture on Scent Marketing

In this blog, we frequently let you know about new and exciting research on the effects of ambient scent and how it can help businesses and boost sales. Now, researchers have released a new study that analyzes multiple scent studies to draw some overall conclusions. In this meta-analysis, the combination of large amounts of data […]

Scent’s Effect on Calorie Consumption

Can the type of ambient scent influence how many calories you consume? Scientists say yes. Temperature and Appetite Scientists know that ambient temperature influences appetite because the human body tries to maintain an optimal body temperature. The colder it gets, the more people expend energy through activities like shivering. To counteract the calories burned, they […]

Sleep Scents

Americans have a big problem with not getting enough zzz’s; somewhere between 50 and 70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. More than a third (37.9%) report unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least one time in the previous month. Even more alarming, nearly 5% said they had nodded off or fallen asleep […]

The Smell That Satisfies

It’s logical to think that when we smell something delicious, it makes us want to eat that food. But new research shows that may not be the case. Researchers at the University of South Florida conducted an experiment where they exposed subjects to either the smell of strawberries or cookies and then offered them a […]

Do You Have Good Business Scents?

Most studies and discussions concerning ambient scenting revolve around using scent to drive consumer behavior. However, scent can also be used in business environments that are business-to business (B2B) and corporate internal meetings and workspaces. As the sense most closely tied to emotion and mood, smell can work to help us feel more confident, alert, […]

Winter Fragrance Guide

It may be cold outside, but all the more reason for it to smell amazing inside! Give your customers a respite from winter weather with seasonal scents that will make them feel cozy, nostalgic and in the mood to spend money with you. Be sure to use winter appropriate fragrances at this time of year, […]

10 Ways What You Smell Can Change Behavior and Perceptions

Your sense of smell is probably the sense that you most take for granted. In fact, in a survey of people ages 16 to 30, more than half of them (53%) said they would rather give up their sense of smell than their laptop or mobile phone. Although the sense of smell is highly important […]

How Effective Is Scent in Marketing Eco-Friendly Products?

Everywhere you go, you see products that are labeled as “green” or eco-friendly and this trend is only gathering momentum as consumers demand products that are sustainable, organic and free from harmful chemicals. In fact, almost half of Americans value being environmentally conscious over a growing economy and 90% of consumers consider environmental impact when […]

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