Scent Branding Results

Research tells us that the sense of smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions, and plays an important role in memory. The sense of smell is different from the other senses, because it is processed first by the limbic system, the same part of the brain responsible for memory, perceptions, and emotions. The other senses are first directed through the analytical part of the brain, before indirectly reaching the emotional sphere. So scent is a more primitive sense, and science is discovering that scent plays a much larger part in influencing our emotions and decisions. Discover more benefits of scent marketing below and see how you can utilize scent branding in your business.

Choosing The Perfect Scent Can...

Increase Sales

Studies have shown customers stay up to 44% longer in a pleasant smelling space.

Create An Emotional Response

Pizza, coffee, musk, vanilla, BBQ, chocolate, all trigger positive emotional responses and may enhance sales.

Elevate Mood

People, who feel good during an experience, create an imprinted memory about that experience.

Create Desire

Through sensual scents we can increase an interest in products to impress the opposite sex. From the aroma of new car leather to coconut oil, we can trigger an innate desire for a variety of products and services.

Create A Calming Effect

In high anxiety experiences such as at airports or doctor’s offices, we can introduce a calming scent into the atmosphere.

Stimulate Recall And Retrieval

Certain scent formulas have been proven to create better comprehension, learning, recall, and retrieval of information.

Revive Old Memories

By introducing pleasant scents from your childhood like baked apple pie, play dough, cut grass, or pine needles, we can trigger pleasant memories and create a nostalgic experience.

Create And Maintain Alertness

Certain formulas can assist in reducing clerical errors and increase alertness when conducting detailed tasks.
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