Senior Living

Assisted living communities use AirEsscentials® aromas to maintain a positive experience for residents, families and staff, which begins in the lobby as a first impression and can continue throughout the rest of the facility.
As we all know, first impressions are key to securing the families confidence.

Scenting your facility helps

Improve brain function among the elderly
Increase calmness and reduce agitation
Induce alertness and improve memory
Allow senior residents to wind down throughout the day, which will enhance their well-being.

Air Esscentials uses high-quality, proprietary odor neutralizers specifically for this purpose, such as Royal Palm, Sparkling Goji Berry, Verbena, and others, that will remove malodors and introduce very pleasant aromas. Don’t lose another family due to malodors. Air Esscentials will help you create a clean and inviting environment where residents and their families will want to reside in and visit often.

The diffused scent of bread during mealtime at a senior care facility increased residents’ perceived quality of life by 10%. Malnutrition also dropped from 37% to 27%.

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