Scents and aromas can invoke memories, and affect our behavior and emotions in unlimited ways.

When creating an event, promotion, educational or entertaining experience, scent is one of the most powerful, but often the most overlooked senses to be considered.

Now, you can easily and cost effectively add a simple yet extremely effective element to your special events through scenting. Create a unique scent experience that will be sure to make a lasting impression with fragrance marketing solutions from Air Esscentials.

Example Uses

Scents can be used to enhance special events such as conferences, weddings, banquets and shows.

Seasonal parties can be enhanced with seasonal fragrances such as Pine Tree and Pumpkin Pie.

Conferences rooms can be enhanced by using uplifting aromas to increase attentiveness and retention.

Why Scenting Works?

What we smell affects our emotions by 75%

The limbic system controls memory and emotions. The only sense directly hard-wired to the limbic system is the sense of smell.

Building a stronger emotional association between customers and brand through multi-sensory marketing directly translates to higher prices consumers are willing to pay.

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