The most powerful link between the human sense of smell and consumer behavior can now be harnessed to create an environment where consumers spend more.

Ambient scent has the strongest impact in enhancing consumer behavior in terms of cognitive, emotion, evaluation, willingness to return to the store and purchasing intention compared to other atmospheric variables.
Global Institute for Research & Education 2013

Researchers and marketers have known for years the emotional impact of scents on our buying behaviors. The use of a quality scent for retail stores has been proven to cause shoppers to browse for longer in retail studies. In addition, ambient scent marketing makes consumers feel they are getting a higher quality product at a better value.

Our sense of smell is the only sense that is directly hard-wired to our limbic system which controls memory and emotion.

Research has shown that the quality of the aroma will dictate how effective the results will be.

Air Esscentials only uses the highest quality fragance to assure results your are looking for. Air Esscentials has delivered its diffusion technology to retail, hospitality, entertainment and service industries all over the world for more than eight years. Its laboratory has developed custom blends and signature scents for some of the world’s leading service industry brands.

Let Air Esscentials' retail scent marketing solutions create a memorable shopping experience for your customers where they can’t wait to come back.

Air Esscentials customers include: Universal Studios, Dunhill, Z Gallerie, US Polo, Versace, Modani, Out of the Closet, Club Med, Hyatt and many more.

Why Scenting Works?

What we smell affects our emotions by 75%

The limbic system controls memory and emotions. The only sense directly hard-wired to the limbic system is the sense of smell.

Building a stronger emotional association between customers and brand through multi-sensory marketing directly translates to higher prices consumers are willing to pay.

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