Take Safety Into Your Own Hands

What is a Virus First Aid Kit?

In this kit, we will provide the tools you need to help in the fight against coronavirus, alongside a slew of viruses, bacteria, allergens, malodors, legionella, mold and mildew.

Aseptic Plus+ is an EPA-approved, NSF-certified, ecologically-safe, and no-rinse required product that is applied using a ULV fogger. Join the top-tier companies in the initiative to provide a safe and sanitized environment for your guests, customers, and co-workers.

How do I purchase this kit?

The kit is currently in stock; however, there is a very high demand for this product at this time and lead times can vary. Orders will be shipped in the order they are received. To proceed, add the below product to the cart!

Why Scent your Hotel?

1 x Handheld Electric ULV Cold Fogger

1 x 5 Gallons of Aseptic Plus+

1 x Operating Manual & USB

5 x Clinically Clean Certifications

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