Design Your Diffuser Kit

By Scentex and Air Esscentials

Discover our new Design Your Diffuser Kit Spring/Summer Edition. This kit includes the season’s freshest fragrances, materials and a booklet to guide you in blending two reed diffusers.

About the Product

Design Your Diffuser Kit

explore the wonderful world of scent 
+ create your own custom reed diffuser fragrance

We designed this one-of-a-kind kit for you to explore the wonderful world of scent and provide the tools to create your own custom reed diffuser fragrance. We provide everything you need along with in-depth instructions where you will learn how to smell, how to blend, and then mix your materials. The experience is unique in that everything is designed for you to truly explore your olfactory and the art of perfumery. 

Benefits & Features

Price: $59

Contents of box:

Design Your Diffuser Kit – Spring/Summer Edition

$ 59.00

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