Fragrance Innovations and Trends

fragrance trendsIt is no secret that people have different ideas of what smells good. Nevertheless, fragrance preferences can shift over time due to cultural forces. It is a good idea for businesses that use environmental scenting to be aware of the trends. Below are some trending fragrances that may lead you to rethink and expand your fragrance choices.

Fragrance Trends 2019

  • Unisex fragrances – Traditionally, flowery, sweet and fruity scents were considered more feminine and woody, marine, musk and green smells more masculine. Now, reflecting society’s growing acceptance of non-binary gender roles, unisex fragrances are more common. These fragrances feature a blend of “feminine” and “masculine” notes. An example of this is our Artesian scent. It has top notes of fruity mandarin, bergamot and black currant, a flowery center with pink pepper, roses and jasmine and a base of amber, vanilla and musk. The advantage of using this type of fragrance for your business is that it is likely to appeal to people of all genders.
  • Anti-stress fragrances – Modern society moves at a break-neck pace, causing an epidemic of stress and related disorders. Scent is a wonderful way to soothe tensions and restore calm. Try our Zen Garden with lavender, basil and eucalyptus, Pure Sunshine with citrus and ozone or Green Tea Lemongrass for a spa-like experience.
  • Unusual and exotic fragrances – The element of surprise gives a freshness to some trending fragrances with such unexpected notes as marijuana, coffee and spices. Check out our Coffee Robusta or Santal.
  • Bespoke fragrances – Individuality and self-expression are driving the trend for signature fragrances.  These scents are custom-made by a perfumer and are designed to capture the essence of the client or brand. Because each fragrance is unique, it works well as an essential part of your branding. You can even use it to extend your brand into your customers’ homes by selling candles and room sprays. Contact Air Esscentials to find out how you can design your own bespoke scent.
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