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How Scent Stimulates Social Interaction

Social interaction is universally viewed as a positive thing. People derive numerous benefits from interacting with others, whether they are close family and friends, acquaintances, neighbors or strangers. Some studies have pointed out that it is absolutely necessary for our health and wellbeing. But meaningful social interaction can be elusive when we are increasingly absorbed […]

Do You Have Good Business Scents?

Most studies and discussions concerning ambient scenting revolve around using scent to drive consumer behavior. However, scent can also be used in business environments that are business-to business (B2B) and corporate internal meetings and workspaces. As the sense most closely tied to emotion and mood, smell can work to help us feel more confident, alert, […]

Smells Like Success: Work Scenting in the Gig Economy

Work isn’t what it used to me. In the old days, people would often work for the same company for decades and retire from there with a pension and a gold watch. Today, the Internet has enabled a transformation of the workplace, with millions of Americans participating in the “gig economy.” The Freelance Revolution This […]

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