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Scents to Combat Anxiety

In these stressful times, you probably are dealing with a variety of worries. Will you or your loved ones get sick? Will your business survive? Will the country head into a Great Depression? Take a deep breath. Anxiety in itself causes health issues are ironically makes you more susceptible to viruses and other pathogens. Try […]

Sensory Design for Your Spa

If you have a spa or are designing one, you should pay particular attention to its sensory design. This includes sight (lighting, color scheme, cleanliness), sound (noise, music), feel (temperature, comfort) and smell (ambient scent, product scents and outside scents). Sight and Sound Spa goers preferred natural materials for the spa design, favoring wood (37%), […]

Sleep Scents

Americans have a big problem with not getting enough zzz’s; somewhere between 50 and 70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. More than a third (37.9%) report unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least one time in the previous month. Even more alarming, nearly 5% said they had nodded off or fallen asleep […]

10 Ways What You Smell Can Change Behavior and Perceptions

Your sense of smell is probably the sense that you most take for granted. In fact, in a survey of people ages 16 to 30, more than half of them (53%) said they would rather give up their sense of smell than their laptop or mobile phone. Although the sense of smell is highly important […]

Experiencing Hygge Through Home Scenting

Have you heard about the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-guh)? It is an unpretentious feeling of conscious appreciation, being in the moment and having a level of relaxed charm, comfort and coziness, and more and more Americans are seeking to incorporate it into their lives, often through home scenting. Although you can feel hygge […]

Light and Scent Can Improve Mood and Improve Public Safety

Light and Scent Can Improve Mood and Improve Public Safety

At a thought-provoking talk at Dutch Design Week 2017, security experts said that light and scent can be used to influence people’s mood and behavior so that there is less violence, including terrorism. Tinus Kanters, project manager at the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety and Security is part of a project to improve public safety […]

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