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Improving Your Retail Fashion Store Environment

If you have a retail clothing store, you may wonder how the sensory elements (sight, sound, scent, touch and taste) in your store affect customer perceptions. Researchers at the London College of Fashion in the UK decided to find out. They observed and interviewed primarily young, female shoppers in mass market, mid-level and luxury clothing […]

The Senses in Store Design

When customers walk into a store, all of their senses are engaged. They see the lighting, colors and displays. They hear the type of music or soundscape and its volume and experience its tempo. They smell the ambient scent, product scent, malodors or lack of scent. They feel the store’s temperature and the products themselves. […]

The Big Picture on Scent Marketing

In this blog, we frequently let you know about new and exciting research on the effects of ambient scent and how it can help businesses and boost sales. Now, researchers have released a new study that analyzes multiple scent studies to draw some overall conclusions. In this meta-analysis, the combination of large amounts of data […]

Sparkling Scents for Your Jewelry Store

Do you want to increase sales in your jewelry store? Try using environmental scenting. Environmental, also known as ambient scenting, is a marketing strategy where you diffuse a pleasant fragrance in your store. Research has shown that scenting retail stores increases linger time, increases dollar sales, improves customer perception and satisfaction and leads to more […]

Attention: Scenting in Progress

One of the advantages of scenting is that unlike visual or auditory marketing, it cannot be ignored or tuned out. People can’t shut down their ability to smell. Another cool thing about ambient scenting is that it affects people’s mood and perception whether or not they consciously notice it. But should you call attention to […]

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