Attention: Scenting in Progress

Enjoying your sense of smellOne of the advantages of scenting is that unlike visual or auditory marketing, it cannot be ignored or tuned out. People can’t shut down their ability to smell. Another cool thing about ambient scenting is that it affects people’s mood and perception whether or not they consciously notice it.

But should you call attention to the scent? New research says the answer might be yes.

A new research study conducted in Germany and published in the International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management investigated consumers’ evaluation of ambient scent in a medical clinic. Researchers found that consumers evaluated the scent more positively when told about it ahead of time. This was not the case in a traditional retail store setting, though. They concluded that was because the clinic was a “pre-pay” setting rather than a “pay for product” setting.

What Kind of Business Are You In?

In settings where customers, although they pay for products and services are not selecting individual items to buy, it may be beneficial to inform them of your scenting. Examples of this type of business are banks, medical facilities and doctor’s offices, schools, financial planning, law, accounting and other professional offices. Consider having a small sign in your lobby or reception area saying something like “This lobby is scented with green tea lemongrass for your enjoyment.”

For traditional retail stores, like jewelry stores, clothing stores and grocery stores, keep your scenting on the down low, mentioning it only when customers specifically inquire.

To learn more about how ambient scenting can improve your customer experience, contact your Air Esscentials rep today.

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