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Do You Have Good Business Scents?

Most studies and discussions concerning ambient scenting revolve around using scent to drive consumer behavior. However, scent can also be used in business environments that are business-to business (B2B) and corporate internal meetings and workspaces. As the sense most closely tied to emotion and mood, smell can work to help us feel more confident, alert, […]

Airline Signature Scent Improves Air in the Air

Virgin Atlantic airline has recently launched a signature scent on its airplanes. The new scent, named Air, has citrus, rose, eucalyptus and lavender and will be used on all of the airline’s 43 planes. The company will also sell candles with the signature scent. According to Daniel Kerzner, VP of Customer Experience at Virgin Atlantic, […]

The Perfect Fragrance Choice

Whether you are scenting your business or home, the fragrance will create a certain feeling in your space. For businesses especially,  the wrong fragrance choice can have a negative effect, so it is important to choose the right one. Be sure to base your fragrance choice not only on what you personally like, but on […]

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