The Perfect Fragrance Choice

Your fragrance choice will have some of these notesWhether you are scenting your business or home, the fragrance will create a certain feeling in your space. For businesses especially,  the wrong fragrance choice can have a negative effect, so it is important to choose the right one. Be sure to base your fragrance choice not only on what you personally like, but on some of these considerations as well. Learn how to choose the perfect fragrance for your business below.

Group identity

The first thing to ask yourself is, who will be experiencing the scent? Is it primarily men, women or a mix? What is the age range of the customers and do they share any other characteristics in common, like an ethnicity? Scents can be nostalgic, bringing you back to an earlier time. For example, your fragrance choice can be nostalgic by time period, ethnicity (such as food scents from different cultures) or location. You can relive the good feelings you had then  when you smell something evocative of that time.


Next, think about how the fragrance you choose will create the right mood  in your space. Choose a relaxing scent if your customers are stressed out when they arrive (think spas, banks or dry cleaners). Or pick a stimulating scent if they are tired or bored when they arrive (think educational seminars or networking venues) because it will help them engage with you and what you are offering. Nervous or unsure customers (think dentist’s offices, insurance agents or car dealerships) can be soothed with comforting scents.


Everyone is familiar with winter scents of pine and peppermint around the Christmas shopping season. But have you considered other seasons and their associated scents? Home decor, apparel, patio/hearth and gift stores all have seasonal selling seasons and products that can be enhanced by choosing the right fragrance. Play up fall coziness with spiced apple, campfire or cinnamon, or summer with fresh air or suntan lotion fragrances. If you have a specialty store selling seasonal products like bathing suits or Christmas ornaments, you can use the same seasonal scent all year long.


The fragrance choice influences how people perceive your business and your space. Earthy notes like tobacco and leather feel more masculine and may convey an “old money” feel. Bright citrus notes feel young and upbeat. Fragrance can even affect the perception of the size or cleanliness of your space.


You can use scent very effectively to strengthen your brand. The best way for you to do this is to create a signature scent, drawing from your brand’s positioning and attributes.

Your Air Esscentials representative is well trained in fragrances and their effects and can help you choose or create the perfect fragrance.

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