The Secret Company Behind Great Smelling Businesses: Air Esscentials

MIAMI, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — If you have ever walked into a building and noticed a great smell, the chances are excellent that Miami-based Air Esscentials is behind it. Air Esscentials is one of the world’s premier scent marketing and branding companies. With 35 distributors selling Air Esscentials’ patented scent diffusing equipment worldwide and thousands of customers, Air Esscentials has been making the world smell better since 2005.

Businesses decide to scent their locations to improve the customer experience, create a pleasant, welcoming environment for customers and employees, increase sales and support branding. Air Esscentials has scented all kinds of businesses, including museums, amusement parks, train stations, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, casinos, car dealerships, office buildings, banks, doctors’ offices, restaurants, funeral homes, retail stores, senior living facilities and more.

When a company is considering scent marketing, they consult with the company to discuss their needs, preferences and the size of the space to be scented. Then they choose one of hundreds of Air Esscentials’ in-stock fragrance oils or decide to create a custom scent. The custom scent is crafted by top perfumers and is exclusive to the customer so it can be used for branding. Air Esscentials then installs the proper-sized scent diffuser, usually attached to the company’s HVAC system, along with the chosen fragrance oil. The scent machines are state-of-the-art, with new features being added as the technology become available.

“It is incredible how fast this industry has grown. As business owners and managers have discovered the benefits of scent marketing, our business has skyrocketed. We’ve had three moves to larger and larger offices just in the past five years,” said Spence Levy, President of Air Esscentials. “We’ve been able to build our success on continual improvement in our technology, world-class fragrances and the best customer service in the industry.”

About Air Esscentials:
Air Esscentials® provides leading edge scent delivery systems and develops high quality aroma and essential oil blends for retail, hospitality, entertainment, event and other discerning commercial clients. The company has a global distribution network, with partners in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Air Esscentials® provides the expertise and advanced scent diffusion equipment required to make the transition into the world of branded scents. Find out more at

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