Why Shopping Malls Should Scent

One small change creates a big benefit

In previous posts about retail scenting, we have concentrated on individual stores. But there is also reason for indoor shopping malls to use environmental scenting.

Canadian researchers Chebat and Michon studied how ambient scent in a shopping mall affects shoppers’ perceptions and spending.

Although other studies have shown that scent impacts shopper emotions, this study found that emotions were not really a factor. An explanation for this is that a mall is a generalized environment with a collection of different stores, each of which may elicit a distinct emotion.

However, the scientists did find two significant effects of scent on the mall shoppers. First, the scent made a big difference in how positively shoppers perceived the mall environment. Secondly, shoppers evaluated the quality of products sold as being higher when the mall was scented. Both of these factors lead to increased sales and higher intention to return to the mall.

Scent->More Revenue for Shopping Malls

As a result of this study, mall managers can see a direct connection between using ambient scent and more revenue. When individual stores sell more product, mall management makes more money. Individual stores also make more money. Since they are successful, they will want to remain in the mall rather than moving to a less expensive location.

Finally, shoppers will return regularly when they think that a mall has high quality products, creating more foot traffic for stores.

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