Scent Increases Sales of Vacation Tours

Vacation tours get boost from scentA recent study of using ambient scent in a travel agency showed that the use of scent had a direct and significant effect on the sales of vacation tours. Not only did sales increase during the period of time when the agency was scented, but the sales boost also lingered a little afterwards.

A travel agency in Eastern Europe was scented with a “North Sea” fragrance that had tested well for pleasantness. The sales of different tours were tallied for the month before scenting, the month when the agency was scented and the month after the scenting had stopped.


Sales of the “First Moment” budget-friendly tour jumped from 12 to 18, an increase of 50% during scenting. After scenting, the agency sold 15 of these tours, a 25% increase from the before-scenting level. Similarly, sales of the more expensive “Exotic” tour increased from 6 before scenting to 8 during scenting, a 33% increase. The following month, 7 exotic tours were sold, an increase of 17%. These two tours were the most profitable for the agency. In addition, sales of excursions (add-on tours) surged from 3 to 7 (a 133% increase), falling to 4 in the next month, a 33% increase from the baseline sales level.

The reason for the increase in the next month could be from repeat customers who had come into the agency while it was being scented and then decided to buy the tour after scenting had stopped.

Scenting to increase vacation sales is not limited only to travel agencies. Many hospitality companies like resorts and cruise ships sell tours and other experiences in a dedicated area that can be easily scented.

Hotels, resorts and casinos have used scent marketing for many years to improve customer satisfaction and encourage longer linger times and repeat visits. This study now points out a new use for hospitality scenting: increasing sales of add-on vacation tours and experiences and thereby boosting the revenue generated per guest.

Ask your Air Esscentials rep how you can use environmental scenting to increase tour and other additional revenue.

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