Relaxing at Home

Image result for relaxing at homeAt the end of a long day at the office, wouldn’t it be lovely to come home to an oasis of relaxation? Although we can’t do anything about noisy children, Air Esscentials’ home fragrance products can help transform your home into a relaxing retreat through the power of scent.

Illusions with scent

Did you know that different fragrances can affect how you perceive temperature ? During chilly winter days, the scent of cinnamon, licorice, star anise or mesquite can make you feel warm and cozy. These “warm” scents also you the feeling of being in a smaller, more intimate space.

In summertime when you feel like you’re about to melt, cucumber and peppermint can give you a refreshingly cool sensation. “Cool” scents make you feel like you’re in a larger, more expansive space, so they are great for small apartments and houses.

Are you expecting a visit from someone judgmental like a boss or mother-in-law? Use lemon scent to make your home seem cleaner.

Home spa life

One big reason that spas are so relaxing is that they smell clean and calm. You can bring this feeling to your master suite using scents like green tea lemongrass, white tea bamboo or inspiration, which are all great scents for relaxing at home.

Extra entertaining element

Scents are a wonderful way to enhance your home when it’s just you, but you can also use them to make in-home entertaining extra special. Think about using seasonal fragrances for holiday parties year-round. For example, use southern spring for Easter get-togethers.  Crushed lime mint or tropical sensation will get guests in the mood at summer parties. Peppermint will liven up a winter soiree. Vanilla cedarwood sage fragrance gives autumn entertaining a cozy feel.

There are many different ways to accessorize your home with scent, including scented candles, room sprays, reed diffusers and electronic scent diffusers. Browse our selection to find the perfect way to scent your home!

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