Navigating the Corona Virus Crisis

supporting your community in crisis
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The corona virus is negatively impacting businesses across the world as people avoid socializing and even leaving their homes. Although there is sure to be revenue disruption for most businesses for the next several months, what you do now can help mitigate the effects and position your business for the future.


Reach out to the customers on your email list and through social media and let them know that you are thinking of them and what you are doing. This includes steps you are taking to continue operations, what modifications you are making and how you are protecting employees and customers from possible infection.

Be Authentic and Caring

In these stressful times, the worst thing you can do is appear like you are more concerned with making money than with people’s welfare. Be mindful of customer and employee anxieties. In addition to being fearful of infection, customers may be anxious about not having their basic needs met and employees will be anxious about losing their jobs.

Change the Way You Do Business

If at all possible, modify your operations to accommodate the new reality. Restaurants can shift to take-out only and provide curbside pickup. Hotels can make their rooms available as overflow sites for overburdened hospitals and first responders. Stores can transition to online ordering.

Be Part of the Solution

If you can, help your community during this crisis. You may have food or other supplies that you can donate to needy families who may have lost income. Or you might have some kind of entertainment you can make available to customers to assuage cabin fever. Again, reach out to your customers via email and social media to let them know about your efforts.

Remember, this pandemic won’t last forever. Here’s hoping that life can go back to normal within a short timeline. By acting on these steps, you can emerge with a customer base that feels good about your business. Stay healthy and safe!

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