Appealing to Millennials with Environmental Scenting

Appeal to Millennials with environmental scentingAmerican Millennials, those aged 22-35 in 2018, are close to becoming the largest generation and are expected to surpass the Baby Boomers by 2019. By next year, the ranks of Millennials will be around 73 million, compared to roughly 72 million Baby Boomers.

Since they are such a large proportion of the population and are now adults with disposable income, it’s important that businesses find out what they like, what their expectations are and how to appeal to them.

One thing that appeals to them is environmental scenting.

Do Millennials like fragrance?

Millennials are tuned in to fragrance in general, with 90% regularly using some kind of scented product, including personal scents like perfume, cologne and scented body lotion as well as home scent products like scent diffusers, room sprays and scented candles. Interestingly, the Millennial market for home scent products is growing while the personal scent market is softening. Experts conclude that Millennials like scent just as much as other generations, but prefer to engage with it in non-traditional ways such as environmental scenting.

Tap into Millennials’ preferences

Add Millennials’ love for experiences and authenticity and scent marketing turns out to be a perfect way to reach them. Nearly three quarters (72%) of Millennials would rather spend money on music festivals, travel and one-of-a-kind events than things like cars and homes. A similar percentage have a positive view of brands that provide experiences. Millennials are suspicious of traditional advertising messages, so experiential marketing is uniquely effective with them.

In addition to scenting your business everyday, think about using scent to enhance special events geared for Millennials. Have an attractive sign with the name of the scent and perhaps a description that they can snap a photo of and post on Instagram.

Contact your Air Esscentials rep to find out how to use environmental scenting to appeal to Millennials.

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