Spa and Fitness Manager:

Discover how to creat exceptional customers experiences using Scent.

Maximize your Grocery Stores Earning:

Introducing suggestive aromes to the shopping enviroment.

Healthcare Providers:

Discover How to Enhance Patient Care Using Scent.

Scenting your hotel with

Air Esscentials aromas will give your property the edge to increase your customer’s loyalty and recognition.

Create the Ultimate Retail Environment. The most powerful link between the human sense of smell and cosumer behivor can now be harnessed to create an enviroment where consumers spend more.

Hospitality managers have know the value of using aromas to increase constumer loyalty and recognition. Did you know that scent can be used to invoke memories, and affect our behaviors and emotions in many other ways?

“Gamblers plunked 45% more quarters into slot machines when a Las Vegas casino was scented with a pleasant artificial smell. When Hirsch increased the odor level, he found spending increased by 53%”

Event Planners:

Make your next event unforgettable using scent.


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