AE1000 Package

Price: $ 205.00

The AE1000 is an elegant and easy-to-use aroma diffuser. This portable scent diffuser package includes a 300 mL bottle of aroma oil designed to last 2-4 months, depending on the programmed settings. Pick an aroma oil of your choice from our library of over 100 fragrances!

Suggested Room Size: Under 1000 sq. ft. (300-400m3)

Wall-Mount or Portable

Disclaimer: DO NOT flip over with oil inside container.

Click here to learn how to program the AE1000 scent diffuser.




Unit size: 8.1” (206mm)H x 3.2” (80.5mm)W x 6.7” (170mm) L

Weight: 1.98lbs (0.9kg)

Power Battery: 12V AC (Electrical Plug Included) / 7.5W

LCD Touch Screen

Custom Scent Settings

Capacity: 300 mL Recyclable Bottle (included) (Aroma Sold Separately)

Off White / Scratch Resistant Plastic