Grocery Stores all over the world are using scent to increase product sales and remove malodors.

Seeing is believing, but smellizing – a new term for prompting consumers to imagine the smell of a product – could be the next step toward more effective advertising. Researchers came to this conclusion through four studies of products most of us would like to smellize: cookies and cake.

The researchers found that imagining what a tasty food smells like increases these types of responses only when the consumer also sees a picture of the advertised product. The researches also found that actually smelling the advertised product was even more effective on the various measures of consumer response than merely imagining the smells.

Science Daily, Temple University, 19 February 2014

Air Esscentials advanced scent diffusion systems are the ideal solution for your grocery store scent marketing program. Trials carried out in the United States prove the right scent prompts customers to linger longer in the scented area and increase their intentions to purchase. Learn more about grocery store scents that increase sales and shop for the perfect supermarket aroma here today!

Why Scent your Grocery Store?

Encourage customers to purchase more items while they shop.

Increase bakery, produce, and meat department sales.

Create a higher evaluation of the overall shopping experience.

Eliminate offensive odors such as seafood, mildew, and other unintentional smells.

Why Scenting Works?

What we smell affects our emotions by 75%

The limbic system controls memory and emotions. The only sense directly hard-wired to the limbic system is the sense of smell.

Building a stronger emotional association between customers and brand through multi-sensory marketing directly translates to higher prices consumers are willing to pay.