Cruise Ships

Hospitality Managers have known the value of using aromas to increase customer loyalty and recognition.

Did you know that scent can be used to invoke memories, and affect our behaviors and emotions in many other ways?

Different areas of a cruise ship have distinct, often subtle aromas. Cruise ships do not plan these aromas and can often be accidental. Have you considered the impact of these aromas on your guests, in the same way you would consider the decor, lighting and ambience of a particular space? Now, you can easily and affordably benefit from our scientifically proven scent technology by using scent machines for cruise ships.

Scent can be effectively used in the casinos, rooms, lounges, public areas, and meeting rooms. Scent has created memorable and uplifting experiences for guest in many unique events. Read about the benefits of cruise ship aroma marketing below!

Example Uses

Public areas can be enhanced by using aromas to increase and elevate mood and attentiveness.

Scenting slot machine sections have been shown to add up to 53% in receipts and increase guests circulation throughout the area.

Research has shown that customers would spend 40% more time in an area of a retail store scented with a specific scent over an odor–free area.

Why Scenting Works?

What we smell affects our emotions by 75%

The limbic system controls memory and emotions. The only sense directly hard-wired to the limbic system is the sense of smell.

Building a stronger emotional association between customers and brand through multi-sensory marketing directly translates to higher prices consumers are willing to pay.

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