Gamblers plunked 45% more quarters into slot machines when a Las Vegas casino was scented with a pleasant smell. When Hirsch increased the odor level, he found spending increased by 53%
Sheryl Stolberg, June 1994

The United States carried out a trial that proved the right scent prompts customers to linger longer in a scented area and increase their intentions to purchase and willingness to spend. Browse our casino scents for sale in the categories above.

Why Scent your Casino?

Casino fragrance can create a relaxing and inviting environment that gamers won’t want to leave.

Build a multi-sensory experience in public areas.

Create a a signature scent and take your casino to the next level.

To trigger an emotional connection with your guests to your property.

Eliminate offensive odors including smoke, mildew and other unintentional smells.

Why Scenting Works?

What we smell affects our emotions by 75%

The limbic system controls memory and emotions. The only sense directly hard-wired to the limbic system is the sense of smell.

Building a stronger emotional association between customers and brand through multi-sensory casino scent marketing directly translates to higher prices consumers are willing to pay.

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